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Grupo Galicia participates in the banking sector throughout Banco Galicia, in the business of insurances by means of its subsidiary Sudamericana Holding S.A and it participates in the bussines of issuance of certificates of deposit of goods through Galicia Warrants S.A. In addition Grupo Financiero has developed other business through Net Investment S.A and Galicia Administradora de Fondos S.A.

  • Banco Galicia y Buenos Aires S.A.U

    Banco Galicia is one of the main banks within the Argentine financial system, and is a leading provider of financial services in Argentina. As per the information published by the Argentine Central Bank, the Bank ranked third in terms of assets and deposits and second in terms of its loan portfolio within private-sector banks. Banco Galicia provides a full range of financial services through one of the most extensive and diversified distribution platforms amongst private-sector financial institutions in Argentina. The Bank's customer base reaches more than 7.9 million customers taking into acount individuals and companies. http://www.bancogalicia.com.ar

  • Sudamericana Holding S.A.

    Sudamericana is a holding company which offers life, retirement, and property and casualty insurance products in Argentina through its subsidiaries Galicia Seguros S.A. (property and casualty and life insurance), Galicia Retiro Compañía de Seguros S.A. (retirement insurance), Galicia Broker Asesores de Seguros S.A. and Nova Re Compañía Argentina de Reaseguros S.A. Grupo Financiero owns 87.5% of this company while the Bank owns the remaining 12.5%. http://www.galiciaseguros.com.ar http://www.galiciabroker.com.ar

  • Galicia Warrants S.A.

    Galicia Warrants is a leading company in the deposit certificates and warrants issuance market. This company has been continuously conducting transactions since 1994, supporting medium and large companies in regard to the custody of stocks. Galicia Warrants main objective is to enable its customers access to credit and financing, which are secured by the property kept under custody. Its main customers belong to the agricultural, industrial and agro-industrial sectors, and also include exporters and retailers. Grupo Financiero owns 87.5% of this company while the Bank owns the remaining 12.5%. http://www.galiciawarrants.com.ar/

  • Tarjetas Regionales S.A

    Tarjetas Regionales is a holding company and the main holder of two of the biggest credit service providers in Argentina:

    -Tarjeta Naranja S.A,: is the main credit card issuer under closed system in the country, with 6,5 million cards issued by March 31st, 2013. It's present in 21 provinces across the country. http://www.tarjetanaranja.com.ar/
    -Tarjetas Cuyanas S.A.: issuer of Tarjeta Nevada. Present in 12 provinces across the country. http://www.tarjetanevada.com.ar/
    Altogether, both companies provide high quality services for the their target population, based on the knowledge of their needs and personalized attention.

  • Galicia Administradora de Fondos S.A.

    Incorporated in 1958, it is dedicated to the management of the FIMA family funds that are distributed by Banco Galicia through its multiple channels (Branches network, Galicia Home Banking and Investment Centre, among others). The Compañía team is formed by professionals in asset management, aimed to manage FIMA and to meet the demand of individuals, companies and institutions. http://www.fondosfima.com.ar/