August 01, 2021 | 9:25:42
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The Board of Directors of Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A. (hereinafter “Grupo Financiero Galicia”) complies, in every relevant respect, with the recommendations included in the Code on Corporate Governance as schedule IV to Title IV of the amended regulations issued by the National Securities Commission (N.T. 2013). The aforementioned is in accordance with what stems from the following “Response Structure” table.

As a general introduction, it should be noted that, since its beginning, Grupo Financiero Galicia has constantly shown respect for the rights of its shareholders, reliability and accuracy in the information provided, transparency as to its policies and decisions, and caution with regard to the disclosure of strategic business issues. Moreover, it should be said that all resolutions from the corporate bodies have been adopted pursuant to Grupo Financiero Galicia S.A.’s corporate interest.

To read the complete version of our Code of Good Practices in Corporate Governance, pleaseclick here.