August 01, 2021 | 10:23:11
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Our main objective is to continue establishing itself as one of Argentina’s leading comprehensive financial services companies while continuing to strengthen Banco Galicia’s position as one of Argentina’s leading banks. Its main objective is to create value for its shareholders within a framework of sustainable management that considers the social context and the impact on the environment.

Adapt the business to current economic conditions: Since January 1, 2002, economic, financial and business conditions have radically changed in Argentina. We are making our best efforts to make our subsdiaries finance with their own respective cash flows.

Establish a platform to enhance value for our shareholders and customers: By facilitating the creation of autonomous businesses, we will be able to leverage the experience and knowledge of the market of our various companies in a more targeted and efficient manner. Furthermore, this platform will provide us with greater flexibility to react to market trends and to respond rapidly to client needs with respect to new products, markets and distribution channels.

Take advantage of maximum flexibility to enter into potential strategic alliances: By organizing certain of our business lines into separate subsidiaries, we will optimize the potential for strategic alliances in our businesses. This will provide additional flexibility to develop new businesses in the most effective manner.

Obtain appropriate levels of participation in certain high-growth businesses and take advantage of the potential cross-selling opportunities: The Argentine Central Bank limits the ability of financial institutions to make investments in subsidiaries that develop activities that are considered "non-complementary" to banking activity such as the insurance businesses Unlike Banco Galicia, we have no limits on our investments in non-complementary businesses and believe that some of them have future growth potential in Argentina. For this reason, we have established controlling interests in some of these businesses to leverage Banco Galicia's and other companies' customer bases into cross-selling opportunities.

Establish a corporate structure by business units: We intend to mantain an appropriate corporate structure aligned to the evolution of our several business sectors. We believe that this will allow a more accurate assessment of sources of income and cost control, facilitate benchmarking of those businesses against other similar ones and therefore facilitate our commercial effectiveness and efficiency in the use of resources.

Optimize the capital structure of our subsidiaries: With a structure of separate subsidiaries, we can allocate capital more effectively by designing optimal capital structures for our subsidiaries, thereby reducing their cost of capital and investment and further expanding their growth.